I’m Deiren Masterson. That’s right Deiren. You’ll have to ask me how to pronounce it. Local legend has it that I was brought up by a traveling sherpa named Jamling who raised me under the auspices that I would one day bring honour to his village through interpretive dance. Woefully, that never happened. But hope breathed on.

The roots of my name lie in the Irish Constitution: “The name of the state is √Čire”. Add a “D” and an “N” at the front and back and you’ll find the roots of my creativity. (Mom and Dad, bless your hearts).

My interactive and cross media creativity generally takes the form of projects under my company Relative Strangers Interactive ( ici ) but I am also the Founder of MasterWorks a documentary and video production company. Through both I’m creating messaging that knows how to raise your flag in the air with candy like colour and positive messaging. I’m a graduate of the Media Lab’s “Interactive Art & Entertainment Program” at The Canadian Film Centre and a jack of media trades.

Pushing social entrepreneurship forward with a smile on and helping brands sing with intergrity, vibrancy, community engagement and colourful purpose. Exploring the social media space with fun, energy, novelty and respect for real relationship.

Putting the meaning back in the message

Relative Strangers is my personal blog. A chance for me to be me and you to be you. No agendas but our own, big smile on, standing naked in all our glory. Here we’ll explore relationship. The stuff we live and die on. The stuff that makes up everything from point A to point B on this journey.

We’re into new territory these days on the road of media paradigms. But what’s new in millenniums of human relationship. It’s still the stuff that brings us together or drives us apart.

We keep advancing at the speed of light – well electricity anyway. But the roots run deep. If we can stay anchored to the roots while pushing forward in weird and wonderful ways, we’ll likely fair better.

I’m interested in collecting, creating, contributing and sharing some of the amazing stuff that brings us together in new and wonderful ways.

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