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Inspired by my amazing wee 1-year old nephew River and celebrating the wonder of word and imagination with gratitude for the beautiful absurdist writers and word magicians who have always stirred my heart and soul, I wanted to make this story offering, in honour for #IReadCanadian Day. Also sent with love to my other wee nephews Cameron, Tommy and Malcolm and their growing love of story and the written word.

A little audio recording of Boo the Woo

Boo the Woo

Boo was a busy little bubbly Woo
Where Woos are round, with sticky Zoos

Boo the Woo - Standing round and tall, just getting started

And Doos and Don’ts and Nuggy Noos
With Yays and Rays and Smileys too

Boo the Woo - Starting to get busy with a hop and jump

So happy joy are all good Woos
And everyday was busy Boo.

Boo the Woo - Jumping for Joy at the sound of your voice

Story by Deiren Masterson