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ROLES: Digital Specialist, Creative Lead, Video Producer / Editor

Produced for the SickKids/ Project ECHO Ontario Epilepsy Across the Life Span program, a leading virtual health education program that connects community healthcare practitioners across Ontario with epilepsy specialists and neurology experts in the province’s leading academic health centres.

Dr. Jude Obomighie quote: "I feel so much more confidnet in following up with [my patients'} care and managing their medications"

What’s the problem? What’s the answer?

As the ECHO Epilepsy community continues to grow it faces the ongoing challenge of reaching practitioners, particularly in the more rural and undeserved regions of Ontario. To help bridge this gap I developed and lead a strategic digital initiative revealing the impact and benefits of the program to the medical knowledge, skills, expertise and patient care practices of our broad learner demographic which includes neurology specialists, community and family practice physicians, psychiatrists, nurses, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, social workers, and other inter-professional healthcare practitioners.

In my role as Digital Specialist with SickKids Learning Institute, I produced a series of high quality digital testimonials as both social card pull-quotes and digital video animations that quickly got at the heart of the program impact and invited potential learner who have not heard of ECHO but could benefit from the program, to hear and see how the project can benefit their medical and professional needs. These digital assets were shared through a strategic social media and email campaign and within the structure of our virtual education sessions and drove traffic to our website where they are published on our “In My Words – Testimonials” webpage.

Dr. Jude Obomigie, Family Physician – Video animation (Time: 2 min.)

Social Card Pull-Quotes

Dr. Jude Obomighie quote: "Even when they have specialists and they are referred back to the family physicians, I fell so much more confident in following on with their care and managing their medications."
Dr. George Derbyshire quote: "Being in Thunder Bay, you're essentially practising as a paediatric neurology person in isolation...But I need a resource too, and that's where this program has just been excellent."
Dr. George Derbyshire: "There are the top people in their field. So as a generalist in paediatric neurology, these are the elite and they're the ones who can update me and that's one of the values that I wanted out of this."
Dr. Diana Mills-Tettey, Paediatric Primary Care Physician: "I learned so much that I wish this is something I knew when I started practice, I think it probably may have made a difference in some of the ways I had approached some of my patients."

Dr. George Derbyshire, Paediatric Neurologist – Video animation (Time: 1 min. 43 sec.)