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“Scooter + The Big Man” Hypervideo Music Documentary – Popcorn.js

Saturday, December 3rd, 2011

“Scooter and the Big Man” is a hypervideo music documentary exploring the friendship and musical / spiritual bond between Bruce Springsteen and Clarence Clemons. Produced via my participation in Mozilla Foundation’s amazing “Web Made Movies” project and the Popcorn.js HTML5 Media Framework.

scooter & the big man popcorn.js

Rooted in their legendary stomping grounds of Asbury Park, New Jersey, follow the story at the heart & soul of Springsteen’s E-Street band through a series of edited YouTube videos populated by Popcorn’s YouTube plug-in. Shuffle through layers of moveable polaroid pictures embedded with Popcorn’s Google Map, Flickr, Twitter, and Google News plug-ins. Dig into Street Views of the historic bars and streets of Asbury Park, explore or submit your own Flickr pictures and populate the Twitter streams with your own updates.

scooter & the big man website

I send out two emphatic thank yous: First to Anna Sobiepanek who is the programming lead on this project and one of the lead developers working on Popcorn since its conception. Anna took the interactive heart and soul of this project and went to work massaging and advancing the Popcorn.js library to turn out our sweet Beta version reality, with speed and passion.

Second, a massive musical, heart and soul salute to Jake Clemons. It was during our own creative collaborations between music, video and interactivity ( Love’ll Never Change | A Fool in Love ) that we learned the sad news of the death of Jake’s iconic uncle, Clarence Clemons. Jake is a musical force, an amazing soul and is burning the Clemons musical fire warmly and brightly in our collective road ahead.

This hypervideo experience is rooted in my passion for story telling and the goal of creating meaningful online experiences that resonate and integrate with people’s lives. It comes out of my learning and explorations with Mozilla Foundation’s amazing Web Made Movies community and the amazing Popcorn.js HTML5 javascript library that drives its passionate forarys into the future of interactive video and the open web. This prototype is also a result of my membership and training in the wonderful P2PU online education community.

Let me know what you think and I’d be interested in hearing of any interactive story experiences that have really resonated with you in the past couple of years. What works? What doesn’t? It remains new and evolving territory for experimentation and learning.

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Pete and the Kitchen Sink with Jake Clemons

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

A little post that puts the gloriously strange into Relative Strangers. Jake Clemons jams with Pete and the Kitchen Sink (Pete Towers) in Cambridge, UK with his one of a kind, hand made kitchen sink slide guitar, refurbished from its dish washing days.

Check out Pete’s page – peteqwerty51

Jake Clemons

Tip of the hat to Ellie Stoneley who organized this show.

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Jake Clemons Love’ll Never Change

Friday, June 24th, 2011

Here it is folks! The music video I’ve been working on for Jake Clemons’ amazing new song “Love’ll Never Change” off his latest EP “It’s On”. Hope you enjoy it! Jake and I had a blast filming this on a gorgeous sunny day in one of the glorious parks in Cambridge, UK. An enormous tip of the hat, thank you and hug to Ellie Stoneley (@E11ie5) the glue and positive spirit behind bringing Jake and I together to produce this and more wonderful film and music content during his recent European tour and UK dates. Creativity rules! We shot the video on a glorious, blustery sun filled day and wrapped it before the sun went down – early enough to enjoy an intimate on location wrap party at The Cambridge Beer Festival (see Jake Clemons Musical Meanderings at Cambridge Beer Festival )

This video is dedicated to the life and music of Jake’s beloved uncle, the magnificent “Clarence Clemons” who was laid to rest yesterday. God bless you Jake, and in your own words “Love’ll Never Change”.

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Jake Clemons and A Fool in Love

Thursday, June 2nd, 2011

Otherwise known as ‘Jake Clemons – song in a Grantchester pub’, this is a beautiful live recording of Jake’s song “A Fool in Love”. Jake and I met this week on the UK leg of his European tour as he passed (and still passes) through Cambridge. We spent a couple of days filming music and stories all over the place. This is a particularly great one. Filmed at The Green Man Pub in Grantchester, UK Jake does a soulful version of his song “Fool in Love”.

We also talked music and spirituality for a documentary series I’ve started exploring what this means to different artists who sing, write and play from that deep well in the heart and soul that speaks with a naked, truthful and resonating voice. Keep your eyes peeled here for more on that.

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